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Mr Sattin treats both self funding and insured patients. The consultation fees for self funding patients are detailed below. 

Self funding patients

New consultation                                                     £170.00


Follow up consultation                                             £125.00


Self funding patients will be invoiced directly following consultation. Please be aware that if an examination occurs there may be an additional invoice from the hospital for equipment used.


If investigations and tests are performed you will also be invoiced for these by the hospital.  You will of course be advised on a case-by-case basis regarding the expected costs of any recommended tests or treatments. A formal quotation can be provided for any additional tests before they are undertaken.


If an operation is needed a fixed cost care package can be arranged by Pinehill Hospital .  Further details are available on request.



Patients with private healthcare insurance


Mr Sattin is recognised by all insurance companies and his fee for operations are within the recommended guidelines for individual healthcare insurance companies. Patients with healthcare insurance should ensure they have authorisation from their insurance company before attending for a consultation. Invoices will be sent directly to the insurance company. If your policy has an excess arrangement, you may be liable for a proportion of the cost of treatment.


After the consultation if further investigations are recommended you may need to obtain further authorisation from your insurance company before these can go ahead. If you require an operation you will be given a procedure code which you will need to pass onto your insurance company to obtain authorisation.

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